BeautyBliss Magazine is an inspirational magazine, made cool! Targeting happy seekers, we are dedicated to helping our readers feel uplifted and inspired by featuring extraordinarily talented musicians, events, and people, all of whom are making a difference in the world, through their passions. Pair that with story-telling images from professional photographers and touching stories, and you have the newest and most inspirational magazine in North America, filled with humour and heart.

We avoid cluttered, advertisement-riddled pages and focus on delivering sensational content worth reading from cover to cover.


With every decision we make we always ask ourselves, “Does it have the people, the environment and our overall goal of spreading happiness in mind?” If we can answer yes to all three of these things we know that we are moving in the right direction. It has become the BeautyBliss Golden Rule and our promise to our readers and contributors.


Because of our Golden Rule we have made the decision to remain a FREE online magazine allowing our writers to reach more readers, our photographers to inspire more people, and to spread more of our “cool” happiness to the world without restricting access to our content.

We are an online publication with the option to purchase hard copies through our website, which allows us to stay environmentally friendly by only printing purchased copies. Being free and online also allows our advertisers to reach more people.


All issues of BB are available and free to read on our website: It is also published on along with many other great publications. The online edition can be read on all mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Hard copies can be purchased beneath each edition on the website, making it easy for people to find and buy their favourite issues of BB.

On Facebook, Twitter and our Blog we are constantly connecting with our readers.

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We are a quarterly online magazine, publishing once per season (4x a year). Our timing is part of the reason why our magazine works. Read on…


We are a niche product: a publication placed between a magazine and a self-help book. Because we are a niche product we have a niche market which transcends ages, incomes, education levels, interests and genders. Our readers are students, parents, business owners, photographers, models, musicians, rich folk and the average folk; all whom are looking for a pick-me-up, a good laugh, motivation, and the latest  band or event feature worth checking out.

Our readers love that we focus on publishing content that will benefit them in some way, and we pride ourselves in being a magazine that is so diverse and simply meant to make people feel good.


Because we only publish four times a year, our readers get excited for the next issue. It also keeps our content fresh, fun and full. When our issues launch our readers devour every word because they have the time between publications to do so. They even go back to past editions while waiting for the next issue, giving our advertisers and contributors twice the exposure than if BB was published more often.


We care about every single page within our magazine which means that we care about every advertisement as well.

Because we care, we also care what our advertisers are selling to our readers, which means that we recommend their business if we publish their ad. And we don’t just promote any business; we handpick companies that we care about; companies that we are confident our readers will love as well. Our readers know this, and trust our recommendations; therefore, building an instant trust between our readers and our advertisers.


There are multiple benefits to advertising with BeautyBliss Magazine. We are different and people like different. People also appreciate a company that truly cares, and we really do.

Continuous advertising exposure even with just one ad: Our Winter 2012 issue is continuously expanding our readership in multiple countries daily.

Hand picked advertisers: We know what our readers want to see and they trust what we publish.

Our readers don’t skip our ad’s; they’re intrigued and excited because they know they can trust us.

We have a maximum number of ad spots available allowing us to fill our readers up with more content and only feature a handful of great companies promoting their businesses. Because of this, our issues aren’t riddled with advertisements. This is beneficial to our advertisers as each ad, regardless of where it is located within the magazine, it will get noticed and all the attention it deserves.

Advertisements will never interrupt our content. We don’t want our readers playing “Where’s Waldo” with the other half of an article or the table of contents. We are a “feel good” magazine and the entire experience needs to feel good. Which means we are bringing you happy business!

It’s free online for anyone to read, allowing all of our contributors and advertisers to reach as many people as possible, and our readership is constantly growing. We are very confident that BeautyBliss is becoming the latest and greatest digital publication in North Amercia, and quite possibly worldwide.


Because we care about our advertisers we care that they get noticed too. Therefore we only offer full page advertisements and double page spreads. We also offer exclusivity to companies, allowing them to own all of the ad space within one issue if they book it in advance. Exclusivitiy advertisers must be able to provide a variety of ad’s highlighting different products or services.

Ad Size

Advertisements must be sent as high resolution PDF’s with all fonts and hyerplinks embedded, in RGB format. Images must be 300 dpi.

PDF Size: 8.5” x 11”
Trim Size: 8.25” x 10.75”

Safe Zone: 7.75” x 10.25”

Bleeds: Top: 0.125”, Bottom: 0.125”,

Inside: 0”, Outside: 0.25”

*Full page images should fill the bleed area. Please keep text in the safe zone, 0.25” inside the trim line.


Please note that the publisher may reject an advertisement if it does not meet BB standards. If an ad is rejected, recommended altering will be suggested and must be completed within deadline given.


Invoices must be paid within 30 days of invoice date, or 20 days prior to publication date; whichever comes first. BeautyBliss will not run unpaid advertisements. All payments must be received prior to publishing.


BeautyBliss shall not be liable for any failure to publish or market an issue due to natural disasters, accidents, or any other uncontrollable circumstances.

Once payment is received, all advertisements are final sale. There are no refunds. No exceptions. We say this in the kindest way possible, of course!

As for legal seriousness… In consideration of publication of an advertisement, the advertiser and the agency, jointly and severally, will indemnify and hold harmless BeautyBliss magazine, its officers, trustees, agents, and employees against expenses (including legal fees) and losses resulting from publication of the contents of the advertisement, including, without limitation, claims or suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, copyright infringement, or plagiarism. Phew, that was a mouthful!


BeautyBliss Magazine continues to feature some incredible people, artists and events, to either help launch the careers of artists and/or spread the word about inspirational people/events.

Past Features:

Walk off the Earth (Canadian Band)

Go for the Eyes (Canadian Band)

Madison (Hawaiin Music Artist)

Taylor Conroy from Change Heroes

Roxy Surf Champ Camp with Pro Surfer Lisa Andersen

Dove’s Women Who Should be Famous Event with Mandy Moore

International music feature on Rich Lown, who is currently being promoted by British Artist Birdy

Canadian Band feature, Jon and Roy, from Victoria, BC

Model/Actor Caleb Provan back cover feature



What our readers are saying:

“I love the new format, the photographers are amazing and I can’t wait to finish reading all the articles. This is more than just a magazine it’s a ‘top up’ for the soul and a work of art!”


“I found this magazine magnetic! Inspiring to see people follow a passion like this. I skimmed through a couple of stories and watched the surfer’s $3.33/day story [in the Winter 2012 issue]. I look forward to reading more when I can!” – ANDREA

“WOW!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo impressed! What a magazine! You and your team have produced a diamond of a publication. I love the videos and the surfer guy makes me want to form a tribe and fund raise.” – BARB

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a BEAUTIFUL magazine! The article “Simply Loving Life” was touching, inspiring, and so beautifully written. Thank you for producing something positive that reminds us what is most important in life! I am IN LOVE with it and plan on sharing it with everyone I know!!!”